Keen Editing Service can help polish your personal statements, résumés, essays, marketing materials and social media posts. Your content will be more effective when it is professional and perfected. No job is too big or too small!

Keen Editing Service provides the following:



-copy editing


-Social Media Marketing


Leslie is responsive and attentive and was able to handle our time-sensitive project while traveling with her family. We would definitely use Keen Editing again and would not hesitate to recommend their services. --A. Boyer, 2017

Prompt and easy to talk to. Flexible and great at what she does. --J. Dick, 2017

Very professional and quick turnaround. --S. Mays, Sunny Mays Photography, 2017

I really felt bogged down by the prospect of writing a grant proposal. Leslie made the process seamless and quick! She helped me organize my thoughts and present our project in an easy-to-read, professional format. I have confidence that her services will help us receive the funding we need for our project! --C. Huntzinger, Handstands for GOALS, 2017

Leslie has provided regular editing services for my research publications, including reviewing several drafts of my PhD Dissertation at Oxford University. Leslie is incredibly detail oriented, pointing out even the most minor of errors in grammar or punctuation. Her knowledge of editing and standard rules of English grammar is exceptional - both American and British English! Leslie also has an impressive work ethic, able to digest large texts in a relatively short amount of time, without any sacrifice to the quality of work. Her services are invaluable, and I will continue to rely on her editing skills for years to come. --J. Weis, 2016

I contacted Keen Editing when I needed to write essays for entrance into MBA school. I knew what I wanted to say, but when I wrote it out, it didn't come out how I wanted. Keen Editing took what I wrote and made it better, all the while keeping the whole essay in my voice. Thanks, Keen! --M. Court, 2016

Leslie did a fantastic job copy-editing my PhD dissertation at the University of Oxford. She has an innate sense of style, and she spotted even the last misplaced comma in the jungle of my footnotes. My examiners were highly complimentary about the complete lack of typos and grammatical errors. Best of all, Leslie edited the entire 350-page document in no more than a week! I couldn't recommend her more highly! --T. Weis, 2016

My book, On the Brink, America's Choice 2012 was written in a very compressed time frame, as it was germane to the 2012 Presidential election cycle. Leslie Horn of Keen Editing took on a heroic task of editing the book under a very tight publishing timeline. Not only was her work flawless with great attention to detail, but the turnaround time was tremendous. As a result of Leslie's great work, the book was not only published within the demanding time constraints, but it was a vastly improved work. I strongly recommend Leslie and Keen Editing for not only professional work, but timely. --D. Parker, 2016

Leslie Horn is a master wordsmith with an unmatched eye for detail! She has edited personal résumés, applications and essays for me and my family members, which have led to numerous jobs, awards and recognitions. In the classroom, her editing of student work is unmatched. The students and teachers respect her constructive comments as she has an amazing way of making edits while keeping the writer's voice alive within their work. To top it off, Leslie's turnaround time is phenomenal! I highly recommend her editing services: from the simple Facebook post to a doctoral dissertation. She's done it all and she's fabulous! --C. Raymond, 2016

We were so happy with Leslie's work! We felt like we needed some fresh eyes on our material and she didn't disappoint. She helped us polish old material, create new material, and gave it all a more professional feel. She also turned around all of the work quickly and made it easy for us to collaborate with her. She assisted us with website, social media, email campaign and promotional content. I would highly recommend Leslie and her editing service to anyone wanting to add a professional feel to their written content! --L. and C. Ramage, 2016