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Leslie Horn, BA
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 My family.

My family.



Leslie Horn earned her Bachelor of Arts in English from Brigham Young University, with a focus on Editing for Publication. She gained experience after graduation proofreading and editing for a large, multi-national corporation. In recent years, she enjoyed expanding her skill set to include teaching at a local home school academy as Language Arts and Latin faculty lead. More recently, she served on the Humanities Faculty at EA Young Academy, a K-12 private school for gifted students in North Richland Hills, Texas. At Young Academy, she also acts as a Marketing/Development Consultant and is responsible for writing press releases and newsletters, as well as generating original content for the school's social media pages (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). She currently serves actively in her church as a Family History research specialist. Leslie is also the leader of a Cub Scout den and often volunteers with various community service organizations. She has been known to dabble in city politics a bit, when persuaded.

In her free time, Leslie enjoys reading, improving her manners through close study of “Downton Abbey” episodes, attending the symphony and plays, researching her family history, playing the piano, and dreaming up travel plans. As the parents of three inquisitive and analytical children, Leslie and her husband, Neal, have developed an affinity for finding family-friendly cultural and educational opportunities in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. They enjoy spending time together, tending to their suburban farm/menagerie, and filling their home with music and laughter.

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